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How can I book my parcel at Parveen Express?

You can fill up our online form Call us @ +91 95000 90869 and we pick up your consignment at your doorstep. You can walk in to any of our offices

How is the booking done? / How do I know that my booking is complete?

a) You will get a way bill from us. b) In case of valuable items you will have to give us a list of the items and their worth. (for consignment worth above Rs.750)

How long will it take for my parcel to reach its destination?

We assure you that your parcel will reach your destination within 24 hours, normally. Incase of the festivities / strikes the service will be delayed by another 24 hrs. So your parcel will reach the destination within 48 hours.

How can I track my parcel, online?

You can use the way bill no. to track your consignment, Eg: CHCN 0003 / 11-12 You can also call our customer care @ +91 99403 11133

Can I rebook my parcel from one destination to another?

Yes, you can rebook your parcel. But, you will have to bear the expense incurred for transit. Eg. 1) You have sent your parcel from Chennai ? Madurai. But, the parcel should be sent to Sivakasi. So, now you can rebook. Eg. 2) You have sent a parcel from Chennai to Madurai. Your receiver is unavailable. Now you can rebook your parcel from Madurai to Chennai.


How many categories are there while booking?

There are 3 Categories. *Paid-You can pay and then send your parcel. *To pay-The receiver of the parcel can pay and get it. *Corporate can make use of the credit facility of 15 – months agreement will have to be signed by both parties.

How do I check the status of my parcel throughout the booking?

When you enter your waybill no. you will get a response from us, on the status of your consignment. * Booked / On Transit / Delivered


Can I book parcel for my friend using my cash / credit card / Cheque?

Yes. You will have to sign as a guarantor for the person you are booking. ID proof is a must. Your friend should have the original of the waybill and copy of the SMS that we send on your booking.

Do I have to register my parcel on my door step?

Yes. You will have to register. Your ID proof is a must.


What do I do if my parcel is not collected for more than 30 days?

You don’t have to worry if your parcel is collected even after 30 days. We will store your consignment for you. But you will be charged on your storage. You can rebook your parcel.

What do I do for my parcel enquiries?

* You can use online form to book @ http://www.parveenexpress.com * You can call @ +91 99403 11133 * You can mail @ customercare@ptexpresslines.com

What are the extra facilities that you can avail with Parveen Express Logistics?

* GPS Tracking * Online Booking * Secured Containers * Carpet-lined containers * Parcels are moved mechanically