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Terms Conditions

  • Parcels, Luggage are carried at owner's risk.
  • In case the Parcels are lost or damaged in transit the company will not be liable though every care shall be taken by the company for safe transportation of parcels.
  • Contraband articles are not permitted to carry in the vehicle. The parcels owner will bear sole responsibility in case of any objectionable contraband goods are found in the packages on checkup by Octroi, Excise and other authorities.
  • We do not hold any other responsibility on the late arrival of parcel / luggage. *luggage/Parcel should be collected within 24 hours of its arrival,failing which the management is not responsible for the delivery.
  • Demurrage Charge per day Rs.10/-per parcel after 7 days of receipt of the parcel.
  • If consignments are not taken delivery within 30 days it will be auctioned without any intimation to the Consignor or Consignee.
  • Don't Book Cash, Glass Liquor, Jewels, Lottery, Explosive materials and other restricted items. If booked we are not responsible.
  • Company is not responsible for any breakable items. It will be booked only on the owner's risk.
  • All Disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Chennai city courts only.
  • Only the consignor has the right to file a suit against the company.
  • This Non - Negotiable consignment note is subject to standard condition of carriage set forth on the shipper's copy. Shipper's or his representative's signature is treated as acceptance of the standard condition of carriage. This luggage specifically limits its liability to the maximum of Rs.100/-per consignment for any cause.